Are your blinds not going up and down nicely as it used to?
Are they all crinkled and uneven?
Are they broken, faulty or just hard to operate?
Its time for a blind repair from BrokenBlinds.


We offer professional blind cleaning, for all types of internal blinds, with improved techniques and custom processes for each type and kind.
Silent collection, on flexible times, quick turn around, clean re fitting and quality checks.
Enjoy superior results above healthcare standards from our continuous


From a small venetian in a back entrance door to a wide roller blind in the 40th floor boardroom, all blinds have thewell determined purpose to contribute to your comfort.
It either provides security, regulates the light level in your office or protects your habitat.



All our vans run on lpg , 45% less emissions than petrol or diesel, we use 100% biodegradable detergents ...WE THINK GREEN both when cleaning and restoring your blinds , to save both the materials used on potentially new blinds and on your budget.

Thank you for your interest in our services. Broken Blinds is a great team of professionals in the blinds industry, based almost exclusively on Rigorous Quality Control, exquisite Customer service and Spotless Reputation . Our passion for window dressing has driven us to the very high end of solar shading industry.
- Experienced and courteous staff.
- Impeccable logistics.
- Fantastic time-management.
- Great customer service.
- High atention to details.

Broken Blinds

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